What people say about us:

This training concept was new for me and I was first a little doubtful. But after the first time, I felt so much better. My whole body felt rejuvenated and it fixed my chronic sore neck. 
Thanks, Susi for this life-changing experience.
I tried many ways to get rid of my body fat. Through my desk job, I gained more and more and hated my body. This workout was hard in the beginning but with each session, I felt stronger and lost more and more fat. Additional with the right nutrition and supplements I am on my way to achieving my desired goals.
I got the advice from my gynaecologist to visit Susi with her ViFit Plate. After my first pregnancy, I had problems with my pelvic floor and bladder. My Doc recommended it to work out with Susi for 2 months. I could not believe, I am back to normal. The best side effect, I lost weight, my core is firmer and my mood is stabilized.
Through my business, I looked for a short but intensive workout to clear my mind during the work. The result: My posture became better, my stress level decreased and I feel more energized. Even friends noticed my presence.
My mum brought me to Susi. I suffered from extreme muscle tension and migraine for years. Susi took care of me and started soft and sensitive with the first sessions. She let me understand what happened with my body. Anxiety, stress and pressure affected my health and let me feel like in my own prison. With Susi, I recovered pretty fast and I am back to my school routine with no pain and more energy.
I love you Susi
After my shoulder surgery and physical therapy, I meet Susi at a fundraiser. My shoulder was ok but did not have the full range of motion. Susi told me about the special VibFit Concept and I tried it. It is a fantastic concept, Susi used a variety of different equipment to bring me back to my old self.
Susi, you made my life better.