Vibration Training in Cape Coral

For the Vibration Training, no previous knowledge or sporting conditions are required.
The training session lasts 45 minutes and contains customized exercises.
All sessions contain a unit of strength, stretching and massage.
The length of each unit depends on the goal of the client.

More Strength

You activate all muscular layers,
from the top layer to the deepest.

Increased Stamina

This workout is comparable to
1 hour on the treadmill or 1 hour high impact class.

Better Coordination

The spiral dynamic of the plate engages more muscles for more balance.

Faster Fat Burning

The collaboration of strength and stamina let burn more calories in a shorter time.

Stronger Bones & Tissue

The strength of your muscles increases your bone health and tissues strength.

Overall Body Enhancement

The physical exercising and the stress relaxation improve your wellbeing and mental health.

Single Session

$65.00 / session *

 Basic Package

$ 299.00 for 5 sessions *

Premium Package

$399.00 for 5 sessions *
  • 5 Vibration Training
  • personalized session
  • nutrition consulting
  • supplement package
  • reserve your space
* Payment not required for reservation. Payment due at time of session.