Origin / Functionality

Vibration Training ( called also biomechanical stimulant / BMS, acceleration training or stochastic resonance therapy ) has its origin already at the beginning of the last century in medical therapy.

In the 70s the vibrations system was developed by the Russian space agency. The vibration system supported the longtime astronauts to prevent muscle and bone loss during extended periods of weightlessness.

Muscle power and bone density are in direct proportion: With decreasing muscle strength the bone substance decreases as well.

Through vibration, "stretching reflexes" in the musculature are triggered in the brain; with an effect of phases of alternating tension and release.

During a study at Charite of Berlin, they proved the benefits of vibration training, revealing promising results in these ranges of muscular use: up to 100% of muscle fiber engagment compared to traditional strength and fitness training, which typically recruits muscle fibers in the 50 - 70% ranges. 

These results confirm that the VibFit concept is a highly effective treatment against the loss of bone density, muscle mass and function.